Sometimes i feel lazy during weekdays.

After arriving home, changing clothes, cooking something, cleaning what I used and taking a nap the afternoon is usually gone. Take into account that most stores here close at 5 PM and you may understand.

I know, I know I’m such a lazy dog.

So being saturday I woke up late and went to MEC. Mountain Equipment Corporation is similar to REI in the US, a co-op that provides adventure equipment for most if not all adventure activities. I had seen some of their products and the quality seemed good and colors were more than just navy blue, gray and black. Thought of biking but without raining gear i just took the metro and my umbrella. I found a huge 2 floor store with accesories and gear in the first and clothing on the second.

I even found a german SKS front fender that may work (it does!) with the headshock of my bike.

In a sense, I was impressed. Other than the North Face store in SF i hadn’t seen anything as big as this. Wandering among the ailes I got a bit nostalgic of times past. Huaraz, the Cordillera Blanca, the treks, the climbs, the people.. all the things I lived there.

With the low temperatures and cold weather starting to show is not uncommon to see people wearing mountain jackets from well known climbing or adventure companies. But Montréal is hardly an adventure sports capital. There is something that Cuzco and Huaraz for instance, have that gives you a feeling of being away in a remote place. Even to me that I usually went quite often. I don’t pretend that one become the other but as I said some memories came to my head and I just couldn’t help comparing both.

Actually, I do need a very thick jacket for winter and some light rainclothes. So probably this week I’ll visit the local North Face store and others. Maybe un update to this post with links later on…

MEC store from the 2nd floor

BTW, without having Photoshop or The Gimp installed it’s a PITA to turn and resize an image.. I straightened this photo with and it appeared sideways when loaded. Had to change it to png using iPhoto for have it OK in WordPress. How i miss QuickImage!.


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