So i went

And i got to know all of her family.

F’s elder sister lives in a nice house in from of a lake. Rustic style, nicely decorated with a definite feminine touch, she was kind enough to let us stay two nights in the main bed that faces the window looking to the lake.

Mornings are most stunning there.

When the sun comes up it inundates the house with light as the front walls are composed of large windows. It’s the first time i could have suntanned in a bed while sleeping.

The night i arrived there was a very animated dinner and even though they live not far away, F told me that is a rare event to see all the family together. So there I was talking English and French while listening to some Quebecois… du vin, pétoncles, du pan, du fromage, du pot…

The surprise of the night was Celine, one of F’s sisters. After dinner we were talking for a while, and when people left us in the living there was some music on the TV that sounded very good and the colors of the video clip were tinting the ceiling and the walls. So i was explaining her i did like the countryside, and living there is more than OK, but that sometimes, particularly since i live alone, sometimes i miss the noise, the music, the lights of the nightlife. Go to dance. Drink some stuff, enjoy the lights, the music, move. I think she got the idea cause I saw her expression changing and seemed that we clicked a bit. That was it. Nothing funny or inappropriate. It’s just that i like the bad girl type, i mean the type that is a bit rough, bold, independent and of course, hot. The lil’ sister had all that. But actually i wasn’t trying to pick her up or anything, we were just talking and somehow we had a moment. That was all it was.

F was looking and later in bed she was joking i liked her sister. I did like her indeed, but was something spontaneous and not leading to anything, mostly like liking her family or well, anybody who you connect to, but that doesn’t have to end in anything else. She got it, and we moved along. But then she was teasing me with her, or me going out with her since F wasn’t doing too well on Saturday night.


Thinking about this brought some echoes of times past to my mind : can you like anybody else when you like somebody? Yes. Does that mean that you don’t like the first person? No. Does that mean you will pursue the object of that attraction? Is up to you. But if you choose no, be it by ethics or a voluntary choice, aren’t you limiting a spontaneous part of your own self? Should you do that? Shouldn’t you follow the calls of your own nature?

There was a time i wondered all that and experimenting about it. The lil’ sister just made me remember a bit that time.

The next day F felt not too well so we stayed just relaxing, helping a bit on the house, having a good bonk in the morning -with people in and out it was not that great as it could’ve been- and well just being around. Her mother took us for a ride on sunday and we got to see the ski slopes and the available lodgments around the ski tracks. We even visited her father, who lives in front of another lake. What a house, and what a place. You can feel the space and beauty of that valley while standing in the little pier in front of the lake. Space, nice architecture, wood painted with cheerful colors, clean roads, all kind of perfect like in a movie. Very nice place.

These people have organized a system that works in a comfortable even a little luxurious environment surrounded by natural beauty and close to places to do sports or simple enjoy being there.

What’s not to like?

I’ll be back to Québec just don’t know if to this house by the lake.

So i’m going

Everything is set. Got a ride after work, F can pick me up tomorrow when I arrive…or not.

Visiting the area is really interesting to me. The house we are staying in is not on Québec city but on a petite ville 20 minutes away. So I’ll meet one of those very small french towns like from a postcard… being adventurous as I am I wouldn’t miss seeing all that. But at the same time i can’t help thinking that some distance would’ve been good.

There’s a very affectionate message on my cellphone but talking to her leaves me wondering how real is all that. Can’t really explain it but there seems to be something that doesn’t fit, and it may also be as well a certain inexperience or unfamiliarity of my part with the ways things are here. I’d like to have somebody to ask about this… it may simply be a way to keep me interested in her.

And I’m yet to meet G, who lives in Québec. One way was to see her tomorrow afternoon / night and call F on Saturday. But anyway i guess i shouldn’t mess up things and each deserve a weekend to visit, talk and do stuff.

So, off i go to Québec.

Who knows what will happen.


Estos días hemos estado alrededor de 2° a 4°C. Conversando con F me dice que luego de un tiempo uno se aburre del invierno aquí. Mucho frío, no provoca salir, y cosas así. Dado que este va a ser mi primer invierno pues espero la nieve con curiosidad así que para mí todo es interesante por ahora y en los meses venideros.

A esta temperatura uso un polo manga larga, uno de manga corta y un polar windbloc; guantes de hecho, un gorro -que deberia proteger más- y nada a pedalear. Aún a esas temperaturas llego bien y es suficiente para andar y no sentir ni frio ni sofocarme de calor por demasiado abrigo. Al mediodía estuvimos a 0°C y en la bici el frío se empezaba a sentir un poco a travéz de los guantes y del gorro.

Así que aún para comprar ropa de invierno, esperaré unas semanas a que el clima cambie más.

Este fin de semana tengo la ocasión de ir a Quebéc ville, invitado por F que va a ver a su familia. Hasta el clima parece ideal para una salida de fin de semana. Conocería un poco la ville, que es su ciudad y la casa de campo o en la afueras que tiene su hermana. Tentador, como para ir y quedarme más de los dos días del fin de semana.

Pero parte del viaje es la experiencia de pasarla con F y un poco, aunque ella no lo admita o lo diga, la oportunidad de oir o ver que piensa su hermana o su familia sobre mí. Ella ha resultado ser menos independiente de lo que yo hubiera pensado, aunque claro, estando en la ciudad donde vives hay una serie de relaciones entre familia, amigos, colegas, jefes que influye en uno.

Mis temas con ella van bien supongo, es difícil definir lo que aún esta por definirse. A veces yo mismo me pregunto si debería proponer eso, que las cosas se definan para decidir en que enfocar mi atención y en que no. Pero hace algunos post atrás justamente pensaba en que hacer ante una situación similar -conocer a F– y las cosas se dieron por sí mismas.

Probablemente deba esperar. Y eso me desespera. Generalmente para mí las cosas se definen pronto, tampoco es que estoy pidiendole la mano o la herencia o su primogénito pero bueno. La verdad que no soy muy bueno esperando y no creo que en estos temas uno deba esperar mucho pues lo que es, no cambiará porque pase mucho tiempo. Aunque debo reconocer que hay cosas que ella me ha contado que me hacen entender algunas inseguridades que ella esta experimentando. A veces también me pregunto si ella será la persona con quien viva algunas cosas más o en algunas semanas ya estaré con X, Y ó Z. Y no por jugar sino porque a veces las cosas simplemente se dan así.

Bueno, a pensar si ir a Quebéc o si quedarme y salir con X, Y y Z y vivir un poco.


So as part of a short mail exchange with this new girl, S, I wrote her I was sure i wouldn’t be alone for long, and got this answer back from her:

I can feel the Pérou there…a nice quebecoise to
cheer me up and keep me warm
. Maybe me…who knows

I am yet to meet this girl but i can’t help keep thinking in her last 4 words. Why?

Barely standing KM Can’t get you out of my head

New girlfriend?

So I’ve kinda got my first quebecoise girlfriend, F. Or, well, we’ve got something going on.

She gives me such a good vibe, we’re quite alike in many ways yet very different in others. I guess it’ll be a shock to some of my friends to see she’s 2 years older than me and seems to look a bit older than me in a way. But i never cared much about age one way or the other -I mean, younger or not- so that’s OK for me. By the things she tells me about her past she was quite intense. Unconventional. A bit on the underground. I can’t really explain it but i can feel that past in the person she is now. And find both equally attractive. Before, I’d have had an explosive drive to her. Now i have a quiet but sure feeling towards being with her. With age she’s changed lifestyles -and so have I- but the tattoos remain, the ideas, the openness, the dare to do things. And that Liv Tyler look… I wish I could place a pic of her here.

At the same time, I went out with J on Sunday. She’s the good-healthy-nice girl type. And very pretty. Also a bit older than me but she really doesn’t look like it. After talking to her and spending some time together i realize she embodies the ideal girlfriend-fiancée-wife type. Cultured, well dressed, with a sense of fashion without being pretentious, really beautiful eyes, pretty in a natural way, feminine, trustable -or at least looking like it-… I could go on and on but I guess you get the idea. She reminds me of Ale from the university. You could easily take her for an stereotypical upper class snob -or a pituca, as we’d label her in Peru- but actually she was quite down to earth. And good company. This girl is similar in that.

And there’s also U at the office. A completely different type. She tingles my attention for being nice in a very inviting way. Probably her beautiful deep dark skin and the long dreads also help to find myself looking at her when she passes by and smiles at me. And wondering if I should make a move.

So much for enjoying diversity…

I’m sooo happy with the girls of Montreal.