So i went out with F.

We spoke on saturday and she told me to go to meet her and her friend around St-Laurent. Meet with a chaperon?

I felt that she should give me some time to meet and talk if she really wanted to meet. If she didn’t feel confortable with me yet why meet at all? It’s just common sense.

So I told her.

And i didn’t go.

On Sun we met to have breakfast. She told me to go to look for her at her house. So off i went and when i was about to reach her door I saw a nice woman comming my way smiling. She recognized me, i didn’t at first. She looked different than in the foto. Older, but not less nicer. From a distance she’s got that Almendra look -a peruvian tv host-. Nice. And she is the same nice women I talk with and laugh a lot over the phone.

Time with her was fun, easy to talk, easy to laugh and have fun. I had a good time.

I’d liked to stay longer. But it was OK for the first time.

Now that i write this i realize i am not getting very clear signs from her. Maybe she’s being too cautious. Or she likes me just as a friend. I guess i’ll have to wait and find out.

I can always ask. But why push it? Maybe i should just wait for things to come naturally.

Or not.

In situations like these sometimes one’s expression of interest can be taken as too much too soon by the other. Conversely, not expressing much interest can be understood as a lack of total interest at all.

So, we’ll see.

I was in a disco on Saturday, Cafe Campus. It was an 80’s night, but turned out being 80’s pop mixed with an alternative song form time to time, so music was just ok. Place was a bit like an old house with a mezzanine balcony around the main dance floor. Nice. There was a new peruvian girl with the guys but i didn’t have much interest in her, not really my type.

For a moment I remembered partying while at the University, and the great fun that was. There are just more blonds around here. Not that I have anything against that.


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