New girlfriend?

So I’ve kinda got my first quebecoise girlfriend, F. Or, well, we’ve got something going on.

She gives me such a good vibe, we’re quite alike in many ways yet very different in others. I guess it’ll be a shock to some of my friends to see she’s 2 years older than me and seems to look a bit older than me in a way. But i never cared much about age one way or the other -I mean, younger or not- so that’s OK for me. By the things she tells me about her past she was quite intense. Unconventional. A bit on the underground. I can’t really explain it but i can feel that past in the person she is now. And find both equally attractive. Before, I’d have had an explosive drive to her. Now i have a quiet but sure feeling towards being with her. With age she’s changed lifestyles -and so have I- but the tattoos remain, the ideas, the openness, the dare to do things. And that Liv Tyler look… I wish I could place a pic of her here.

At the same time, I went out with J on Sunday. She’s the good-healthy-nice girl type. And very pretty. Also a bit older than me but she really doesn’t look like it. After talking to her and spending some time together i realize she embodies the ideal girlfriend-fiancée-wife type. Cultured, well dressed, with a sense of fashion without being pretentious, really beautiful eyes, pretty in a natural way, feminine, trustable -or at least looking like it-… I could go on and on but I guess you get the idea. She reminds me of Ale from the university. You could easily take her for an stereotypical upper class snob -or a pituca, as we’d label her in Peru- but actually she was quite down to earth. And good company. This girl is similar in that.

And there’s also U at the office. A completely different type. She tingles my attention for being nice in a very inviting way. Probably her beautiful deep dark skin and the long dreads also help to find myself looking at her when she passes by and smiles at me. And wondering if I should make a move.

So much for enjoying diversity…

I’m sooo happy with the girls of Montreal.


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