So i’m going

Everything is set. Got a ride after work, F can pick me up tomorrow when I arrive…or not.

Visiting the area is really interesting to me. The house we are staying in is not on Québec city but on a petite ville 20 minutes away. So I’ll meet one of those very small french towns like from a postcard… being adventurous as I am I wouldn’t miss seeing all that. But at the same time i can’t help thinking that some distance would’ve been good.

There’s a very affectionate message on my cellphone but talking to her leaves me wondering how real is all that. Can’t really explain it but there seems to be something that doesn’t fit, and it may also be as well a certain inexperience or unfamiliarity of my part with the ways things are here. I’d like to have somebody to ask about this… it may simply be a way to keep me interested in her.

And I’m yet to meet G, who lives in Québec. One way was to see her tomorrow afternoon / night and call F on Saturday. But anyway i guess i shouldn’t mess up things and each deserve a weekend to visit, talk and do stuff.

So, off i go to Québec.

Who knows what will happen.


One thought on “So i’m going

  1. Se complica mas la situación; tienes razón es importante conocer las “reglas” de juego en el lugar donde juegas, trata de hablar con algún amigo que te pueda dar una dirección en el tema, aunque lo básico es igual en todos lados, si F te muestra interés entonces algo hay.

    Que suerte que puedas conocer algunos otros lugares y además como podría decir…. acompañado, aunque no se si el término es el correcto.

    Dedícale el tiempo que corresponde a cada una, no te arriesgues mas de la cuenta, a provecha a F y luego a G, date y dales su espacio.

    Nos leemos.

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