S came last night.

After the first time we met we just talked about chilling while watching a movie, cuddling a bit and maybe sleeping overnight. So we did.

But afterwards we got into heavy petting. I guess i just let myself go. No regrets. For a moment i almost laughed a bit when listening her expelling some unfathomable quebecois interjections as she enjoyed what we were doing. Way to learn some french !

We woke up at around 9 AM and went again at it for a while. At around midday it was time to go grabbing something for lunch. I was lazy, i would’ve stayed but anyway, off we went to a buffet in Chinatown, after we found one of her missing socks that was hanging off a roof fixture. Don’t ask.

Cold air thru my spiky hair, little smile on my face. No falling snow but 0° C and some wind. Couldn’t care less as I only took a polar jacket and a t-shirt. Fuck the weather, Fuck the weather !

After a copious meal, got sleepy and came back to my Bude. Life is not perfect, but sometimes it throws some perfect moments to you.

But now I know I’m not into her.

So you’ll undertand the lyrics of this video.

This is a perfect night for going into a goth club. Dark. Unreal. Flooded with rough sounds and deep bass all around. I just gotta find where.

F just called. Too tired to do anything. We’ll talk later. Maybe I’ll go see her.


One thought on “Two

  1. Tal como comentaste hace un tiempo, de a pocos estas empezando a descartar, por lo menos sentimentalmente, a las posibles parejas, S quizás se un buen remedio para la soledad y el frio; en todo caso por algo se comienza para saber cual es el destino.

    Leí tu post y no pude menos que hacerte caso, ayer luego de sair con amigos terminé solo en Nébula, hoy Stonia, solamente para tomarme unas chelas finales, bailar en soledad y escuchar buena música; de vez en cuando ayuda.

    Nos leemos.

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