I just came from talking on the phone with F.

Things were kinda confusing between us. It was not clear we were on or not, or if we would be somehow in the future.

But she was just talking about some problems in her life that had to do with the way things were going lately. Makes sense. Maybe there is a reason she kept calling me every day just to talk and see how i was. Maybe there’s a reason she can get so angry at little things I do -if she wouldn’t care why would she get so mad?-.

Well, i just can say that things seem kinda promising. Even the possibility of moving together.

Crazy eh?

In a sense, from all the people I’ve met up to now she seems the more interesting. From her tattoos to the look she’s got I’d say she’s the one I like best. I was looking for somebody like that.. add the age factor and it’s an interesting mix. Well, interesting to me at least.

I’m not meaning all is said and done.

I’m just saying I’m happy. For now.

And yeah, I want a mix between Tank Girl and a Suicide Girls model.

Sometimes we may just get what we want.

Just sometimes.

un cuero

listening El Último de la Fila El loco de la calle


One thought on “Wow

  1. Me alegro por ti, parece que finalmente las cosas se están decantando y vas caminando hacia una meta incierta pero meta al fin y al cabo.

    Me quedo con ” Sometimes we may just get what we want.

    Just sometimes. ”

    Tienes suerte, yo sigo esperando que las cosas pasen bien para mi también, y no me quejo, sencillamente quiero lograr y/o tener lo que quiero.

    El Ultimo de la Fila, tremendo grupo, si puedes escucha una canción que se llama Pájaro de Barro, del disco Astronomía Razonable (si no me equivoco).

    Nos leemos.

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