It happened again today.

I heard the alarm clock and woke up, reached for it and then -somehow- i got to sleep almost one hour more. It was obviously late, i mean, i had like 5 minutes to dress, shave -or not- and reach the office. I just shaved, got dressed and walked out looking for a cab. Good thing I went at the gym and showered before going to bed.

I could also have called and take a day as a sick leave. But not having anything special to do i’d rather take friday and enjoy a 3 day weekend.

Funny thing the cab ride cost me little less than CAN $ 7. The same amount I used to pay in soles for the daily ride to my job in Lima.

But i gotta find a way not to oversleep… I guess I need some vacations. It’s not clear yet if I am getting the week from Christmas to new year or if I will have to work.

If there’s a week maybe i should go somewhere… like Cuba. It’s already been several years I spend christmas alone I may very well go and spend it in a nice tropical country. Or buy stuff and go skiing. Whatever.


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