Sweet cheeks

Ahh the weekend… Friday was a bummer. I skipped work and just slept most of the day and even at night.

Saturday evening started in a funny way.

I had S on a messenger window, asking for us to meet. I wasn’t really sure if F and I would meet so told her that we’ll see later. In the meanwhile I was telling her how ridiculously horny i had been that Saturday -not asking for anything, just describing my day- and then she volunteered -gladly- to help. But I really didn’t felt like having S all night, and she had plans to go to a salsa club she likes, then I proposed her to come for a while to give me head before going to dance. She wanted to come after and stay here. I wasn’t really into the mood of seeing her for long… while at the same time M, a Chilean girl, opened a chat window with me. I had such a good rapport with her, M is interesting to talk with and a little fun.. so I much preferred talking to her than being arguing with S, even though sex was on the menu with her and M was a continent away. Had a great conversation with M and until she had to go. Sheezz.

At that time S was somewhat mad with me for not wanting to spend the whole night with her… whatever…

I recalled F had her Christmas party, so no F this sat. We spoke briefly and she said sorry -wonder why?- and goodbye.

So, still feeling lazy, I decided to go out past midnight.

There is this small disco close to meine Bude, just a few blocks away. I had seen it before and read about it and their parties on Wednesdays but didn’t find much info on Saturday nights there. I heard the music one sat night passing by and it was OK. Worth a look.

Got ready and off I was. Some people smoking at the door as usual. Got in. Sweet gothiky wardrobe girl. Music was industrial but nothing I recognized, and the place mostly dark with some lights and some smoke on the dance floor. Not bad. Walked along until I found the bar at the very back. Got a drink and went back to the dance floor to see. I like to see people dancing, some are very good at it others just barely move following the music. Mostly were just.. there, balancing a bit, or moving faster but in a clumsy way. Until a tall dark very skinny but nice girl came to dance. Nice moves. She had that Morticia look, very pale and wearing tights or a complete body suit and boots. Very nice to look at. I was not really into picking up anybody just looking around and more interested in talking a bit to people and getting some friends. But after watching the thin girl for a while I started picturing her and some of her moves on top of me, and not precisely dancing. Nice ride. Anyway.

Then a couple of girls came to dance.. a chubby goth that had the straps of her long dress falling as she moved and a thin blonde that danced a bit like a succubus in hell, holding herself from the metal fittings of the dj booth. She wasn’t bad looking though, thin, platinum blond, nice petite figure well that much I could see under the lights. Then they went. And I stayed until I couldn’t resist and started dancing, the music was so good. The Morticia girl came back and was dancing right in front of me while I was standing against the dj booth, she was so very close for some moments that I wondered if that was a subtle way -you know- of making contact. She even was about to step on one of my feet. I was about to tell her something silly and funny at the same time -what the heck!- like ‘Very cool moves, just no need to do them on top of my foot’ or whatever but I was kinda charmed by her dancing and just kept looking at her and her nice black straight hair over her shoulders. Beautiful dark creature.

Then the two other girls came back and left their drinks close to where I stood. Some songs went by and then I noticed that the blond girl was looking at me, briefly. I looked at her. Briefly. The music was just OK in that moment. Then came Rammstein and all hell broke loose and dancing turned into exhilaration. Suddenly I felt my arm being pulled by somebody and there I was in the dance floor. I started dancing automatically. It was the blond girl. She was indeed petite. She asked me for my name and we started talking and dancing. She introduced me to her friend who was -guess what- pulling up the straps of her dress as she danced. We danced and talked kinda embracing a little since I had to bend a bit to talk closely to her ear.

We went to the bar and she introduced me to a French guy who was with them who had a barely understandable English. The other girl didn’t speak English at all so my French became useful. They were having champagne and after a glass I turned left and guess what? the Morticia girl was just there, talking to a guy left of her. I just smiled.

Between many things X asked me, including my status, where I worked and stuff like that she said that at first she thought I was from East Europe (?) and I told her she had a drink too much since I come from South America, far far from East Europe. But now I recall someone from the French course had told me something similar, that I may be from Russia or East Europe. Hmmm… whatever. She asked me if I was with somebody and I told her I went all alone, I didn’t have friends there -yet- and also I was just starting to go out to goth discos then she said something very nice and true to a certain point “You don’t have to worry of not knowing anybody, if your are nice somebody will pick you up, and you look nice enough.” Kind words. But also very true; in a place you don’t know many times it’s like if somebody adopts you or takes you ‘under his/her wing’, one person, and then you get to know the group and well, make part of the crowd.

I was happy. The bottle of champagne was empty and she took her credit card and paid for it. So she was not picking me up for paying her drinks, I thought. Cool. I bought a bottle for all to share. By then I was feeling a bit the bubbles of the champagne in my head.. nice… After a while the music stopped. And the lights went on. In Montreal everything closes at 3AM -everything but the after hours-. So it was time to go. We kept talking until she said “Let’s go get a cab. My place is closer” And we went out to get a ride.

Her place was really close -mine was closer but anyway-. She lives in a small app as mine but in a high floor of a nice building in a main avenue. Things went quite smooth after that… as she had been drinking since the early hours of that day and it was like the 3rd bottle they shared she was kinda wasted and we agreed we would sleep a bit and do it later. So we got to get some sleep. Not much sleep as I recall feeling a soft butt pressing my loins and me reacting accordingly. Sweet cheeks. Then some more sleep. And she occasionally going to the toilet since she didn’t felt all too well.

Some light came thru the curtains. The dreaded moment when you see who you are sleeping with under daylight arrived. I looked at X, she was blond, platinum blond. And her skin had that white + slightly orange nuance that very white people who tan a bit have. Slender, no fat on the waist or the pubis. Nice shape, long legs -in relation to her body- and very very perfect skin. As a Norwegian advertising of suntan creme. X opened her eyes and smiled. Her baby blue eyes smiled to me as well. I can certainly believe when she told me she was a stripper once. I could see she had aged a bit, but she must’ve been a real knockout some years back. As she crawled past me and stood up for walking out of the bed I could see her perfect ass and a strip of whiter skin so soft and tender looking.. wow. Seeing her moving and walking naked was a pleasure to my eyes.

So I am in bed with a stripper… cool, I thought. And smiled.

The day passed by quite easily. We slept for a while, fucked for another while. Slept again. Fucked again. We had a go for 4 or 5 times. Good that she had enough condoms. Finally at around 5PM she sat on the futon said she felt better and we started talking again. We spoke about her job, how people perceived her when they knew she was stripper in her past, part of her life… many of the things women usually tell after making love. All in a very relaxed mood, very natural.

I left after having a shower and some orange juice. It was clear that we had a one night stand and not anything else, yet still it was all so nice even when saying goodbye and offering me her number… time when I realized I did not remembered her name. And she probably didn’t remember mine. Neither of us asked. She just wrote something -phone number supposedly- on a paper and handled it to me. I just put it in my pocket where it stays up to now, unseen.

Meine Bude was really close and I just walked along the avenue, bought some groceries and had something to eat. Some people seemed to be looking at my face I guess I was kinda satisfied and it showed. I wouldn’t deny that I was thinking of F during certain moments even when doing X but the experience with her, the talking and all that happened and how it happened made me feel welcome in a way and gave me the certainty that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Not that I didn’t know that, but feeling it is quite a different thing. It was very nice, not just for the sex.

Not to say that X can become a very nice fuck-friend.

I just have to read the bloody paper and remember her name.

Update:: fuck, the note has only her number. What was her name?


2 thoughts on “Sweet cheeks

  1. Ahhhh que mas se puede pedir, buen ambiente, buena música, buena gente, buenos tragos y buen sexo; no tengo nada mas que envidia en este momento, será Canada un destino apropiado para mi o soy un esclavo de Lima, bah no se, a veces no se ni lo que soy, sólo lo que siento, envidia es el sentimiento que me embarga cuando leo estas líneas tuyas.

    Nos leemos.

  2. Pues yo no concibo la vida sin disfrute, en el más amplio sentido. Sobre el destino adecuado para uno pues es algo que cada uno debe definir para sí mismo. Solo te dire que el placer hasta el exceso es también muy posible en Lima. Y vaya sí lo sé. Claro cada lugar tiene sus particularidades que hacen las diferencias.

    Pero puedo sintonizar muy bien eso de “a veces no se ni lo que soy, solo lo que siento…” y es materia para un post ó más pues abre temas como la irracionalidad, la existencia, el sentido de las cosas, la intuición, el “salto al vacío”… wooa palabras mayores. Pero no hay porqué no decirlas.

    Me parece excelente que estés tan en contacto contigo mismo como para expresarlo tan espontaneamente.

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