Fresh start

After getting close to the credit limit of my cellphone, I started shopping for a flat-rate land line or something alike. Got the address from a company that offers voip with a TA at reasonable conditions, or so i thought… after I ordered their product i found out yesterday that they want a $250 deposit since i do not have yet a credit history, which according to them takes two years for a newcomer to have. They wouldn’t even accept a credit card with a line way higher that the quantity they require. So I very kindly told them to cancel my order and go ask a deposit to…

Started looking for alternatives. The simplest is run a softphone from my mac and get a POTS number with a Montreal area code and flat rate for incoming / outgoing calls. I can adapt a TA and a POTS phone later, no need to spend money in that right now.

So after a simple bank transfer I can say I am a new happy client. Got a local number with incoming calls at $8 / month flat rate , can have outgoing for $8 flat rate to all Canada or billed by the minute and when offline for whatever reason I just get the voice mail message sent to my mail address as a .wav file. An I could have another number mostly anywhere even in Lima so friends could call me at local rates and then I’d get the call here -under my incoming calls flat rate.

Not bad.

Though I miss the mic of my old old old Mac Quadra 840AV, the Apple PlainTalk one. I used to talk with it plugged to my G4 and worked beautifully for me laying down on the bed without needing wires nor anything. Such a good little mic. I’ve got two in Lima, but should be cheap to find once I get a marche aux puces that carries mac stuff.

Apple PlainTalk mic

Anyway. Got a phone now to call X.


2 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. Debe ser importante el tema del cell para que le dedique todo un post con explicacion técnica y demás, en buena hora que has bajado tus costos.

    Ahora de la explicación técnica entendí poco o nada, pero me queda claro que te sirve.

    Cambiando el tema, termina bien el año y veamos que viene en el siguiente.

    Nos leemos.

  2. Basicamente, tengo un teléfono nuevo en mi computadora, con tarifa plana en todo el país a $16 al mes.

    A veces escribo sobre mis juguetes… este es mi último.

    Hmm el fin de año… veremos que trae el 2007.

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