After thinking for a while on my later posts I notice most are centered around emotions, women, affairs. It’s just that now I feel kind of a priority to -for the lack of a better word- handle this area of my life.

When I came I did it with the idea of staying here, in a sense, settling in this province. By then I wasn’t aware that part of that included finding a meaningful relation or maybe moving with somebody instead of reproducing a more polyamorous / open lifestyle as the one I had before.

Why is this important to me now? Maybe is that I’m alone here, maybe is that all is new around me and I’d appreciate the company of somebody to explore it; it may also be that I want in some way settle down and explore another dimension of human relationships.

It’s hard to say the whys of things you’re currently experiencing.

But at least, thanks to F I’m aware of this.

The hedonist in me pulls me always to adventures, one night-stands, poly-relations… and the variety of women races and types here is a definite eye candy. But I’ve also got the drive to the opposite direction.. one good partner helps shifting the focus to other stuff, like work, career, money, maybe even build on that relationship, even venture to get a mortgage if the relationship turns out to be good and stable.

So now you know.

And more important, I do too.


6 thoughts on “Meta

  1. Hay un momento en que uno instintivamente empieza a buscar refugio, no es que lo otro te deje de gustar o llenar espacios internos, pero luego de recorrer caminos diversos falta recorrer el inicialmente rechazado, el de la estabilidad, es irónico, la vida lo es.

    No se tu edad, pero de alguna manera calculo que debes andar como yo, hay cosas y situaciones en las que me veo, de alguna manera, reflejado; eso o soy un freak fuera de época jajajaja.

    Nos leemos.

  2. No regrets… uno no tiene que acomodar o ‘encajar’ siempre… en mi caso a veces pienso “a la mierda !” y eso me hace sonreir y sigo con lo mío… asi sea un outcast por hacerlo..

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