Top 10

Not really a meme but after reading somebody else’s top 10, I thought I gotta share mine. So here they are. I won’t say I use them each and every time I surf but often enough to have them permanently on instead of just-in-case.

Adblock Plus – to manage all blinking, sliding, popping and fvcking annoying ads that seem to be everywhere.

DictionarySearch – when you wanna know just the difference between suçon and sucette or what a reverse cowgirl is.

FireFTP – handy and minimal FTP client.

Get directions from Google Maps – click and see it on the map.

Nuke Anything Enhanced – Doesn’t it feel good to delete anything you want / don’t want from a page?

Password Exporter – just when you thought you had to manually type all those forum passwords this extension lets you just save them and reload them again.

QuickZoom – click to increase or decrease text size

Sage – RSS on the sidebar

Stop-or-Reload Button – perhaps an obsession of mine but I love to have a minimum of buttons in my toolbar that do all I need.

TinyUrl Creator – for those long urls that nobody wants to type.

VideoDownloader – works very well for YouTube videos.

All of them happily running on Mac Firefox


One thought on “Top 10

  1. Jajajaja con decirte que no he reconocido ni uno creo, soy casi un lerdo tecnològico, pero ahora que estàn ahì investigarè un poquito, no mucho en realidad, soy medio flojo para eso, soy un usuarion comodòn.

    Nos leemos.

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