At dawn

So I got to be outside again at dawn, enjoying something to eat in a slightly cold morning.

Definitely the temperature and the cool breeze plus the clear sky instantly bring memories to me . I’ve felt this before. It’s like one of the many times I’ve been to the highlands at the very same time of the day.

Happy times. Like the year I left the U to go travelling around Peru.

Pursuing things in the “corporate” world has given me some financial ease. Some trips outside the country. A relaxed dress code for a long while. Some fun doing something I like. And one significant friend. But I realize now that I do not think as fondly of those years. Not that I’ve been unhappy but thinking of them does not ellicit the same feelings.

I’d say I was happier travelling and working during that single year than in all of the other ones.

As spontaneously as they come, perhaps those memories are relevant now as I am choosing, again, a “corporate” career; in fact I am already working in a “corporate” job, although with certain liberties -as being able to have blue hair or a labret- it is a corporate job nonetheless.

So all these memories and remembering things past stuff has some sense after all.

Gotta choose how I want to spend my following years: as that year or as the many I had later.

And still gotta figure out precisely, what made that year so enjoyable.

Come think about this, I used to have some friends and conversations with them that led to awareness of things present and past.

I guess being alone here makes myself my best close friend.

Bagels with cream cheese taste even better now.

In good company.


2 thoughts on “At dawn

  1. Mmmm te pregunto si es esa la manera de ver las cosas, un año contra varios años, un super año, contra varios años…. las experiencias son buenas, hasta tiernas y lindas, pero acuérdate que cuando las viviste estabas en otro momento de tu vida y por mas que uno quiera repetir las circunstancias, no necesariamente se repiten.

    Decide, pero con la cabeza fria, y no en medio de la nostalgia, eso ya fue, no es mas, solamente te queda el hoy y el mañana.

    Si quieres conversar mi msn es, siempre es bueno una mano amiga.

    Nos leemos.

  2. No es tan difícil tener la cabeza fría a -5° C mientras nieva en la calle :-)

    Quizá no me expresé bien en el post: ahora entiendo la relevancia de estos recuerdos -por otro lado, espontáneos- en éste mi presente: estoy eligiendo de nuevo que hacer. Y tengo que considerar lo que ellos me quieren decir.

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