I’ve had the most pleasant day.

Fridays are usually quiet at work; the team lead is on leave for a month so nobody to be controlling to looking over you -OTOH nobody to ask to- . After leaving, a good cardio training at the gym left by body feeling tired in a way I hadn’t felt for a while, followed by some minutes at the sauna, a hot shower and out to lunch.

Lunch was something I like a lot: couscous and a salad with a touch of lemmon… so well seasoned.. mmmm. I left and still was enjoying the taste long after I had finished eating. A quiet walk home with a sweet hot capuchino on hand while walking along the chilly streets of the Plateau.

Simple life yet so pleasurable.

Gotta take a nap now, and we’ll see later.


6 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Jajajaj eso es lo que yo llamo vida placentera, no te falta mucho para llegar al Nirvana, en todo caso un buen dìa, de esos que uno deberìa tener varias veces por semana.

    Nos leemos.

  2. You said so, and very well. I assume you like Depeche Mode…”pleasure, little treasure”. Nevermind, thanks for your advice about going out by myself so I can enjoy new things. Agree, and actually, the last nite adventure I had alone was in Bauhaus, the same place I wrote about, where I met this crazy but beautiful girl called Ursula. Uff, it was six years ago!!!! I’m also writing lately about simplicity and the basic things that make me happy. I’m through this right now, hope I find some ways to get rid of so many “big deals” and start living fo real.

    See u around.

  3. You see, things happen if you dare.

    I’m still looking for the ultimate crazy girl. May not last long, but hey what’s life if not but a brief lapse of conscience.


  4. I found your blog by reading your comment on Nieblaextinta’s blog (a good friend of mine, by the way). Actually, yes…going out by my own is sometimes much more encouraging for what I can expect is only dependable on me, just me, which is really ego-enhancing. When I came back from England (one and a half years ago), I usually went out by myself, and not because I didn’t like sharing nights whith my mates, but mainly because I wasn’t prepared to share my fears and tears with anybody else. At the end fo the day, those “lonely” nights ended up preparing me for my new life, the one I’m enjoying now.

  5. Ah, the uncertainty.

    Going out alone may take you to places and experiences that you may or may not want to allow yourself.

    You may want to know. Or, you may not…

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