Say what?

I was pleasantly surprised today. Twice.

Going back home I was waiting for the elevator with my bike. When the door opened, there was a girl there, I didn’t really looked at her and went in putting my bike oposite to her. I was happy. I noticed we were going up a floor instead of down and I said smiling without looking at her at all “Hey we’re going up? never mind” and then “Up, up, up instead of down, down, down…” since I really was not in a hurry. I noticed she was staring at me and as she went out the next floor, she said “Hey, have a great day” looking at me very invitingly and smiling as she walked away. I looked at her and she was gorgeous.

Just to remind me that there are always open doors and it is to me to walk thru them or not.

Later, nearing home I noticed St-Laurent was closed to traffic. So I went in walking with the bike rolling aside. After checking things for a little while I got hungry. It was past midday in fact. So I went in for a sandwich of poulé rôti leaving the bike leaning against the entrance sign without locking it.

An old man of around +60 years was going out with his sandwich. He looked like any old pops you see on a park reading or playing chess with other seniors: semi-formal trousers, shirt, suit coat; not really clean and neat nor dirty.

Well he went out and sat by the bench at the entrance. As I had left the bike unlocked I ordered and went back to wait at the door, watching the bike.

What do you know? The man told me straight that that was a Bad Boy. I agreed. He stood up to approach and have a closer look at it. Asked me to let him grab it to try the weight. And we went on talking a bit. He wanted a bike as well.

Amazing. Most people in Lima used to put an expression of whaaat? just by listening to the brand, and this old guy was addressing my bike by the model. Wow. He was not a racer. Just a regular guy that was thinking of buying a bike, and looked a little like a bum. Who knows.

It was nice and a little weird at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Say what?

  1. Que bueno saber de ti, has estado mucho tiempo en silencio.

    Creo que es un tema de que justo estuviste cerca a alguien a quien también le gustan las bicis, quizás otra persona no la hubiese reconocido; en todo caso no deja de resultar sorprendente.

    Nos leemos.

  2. que bacan todo eso

    hoy es domingo y ayer maneje por 8 kms maltratantes de pendientes super pronunciadas

    pero igual con dolor de piernas creo que estoy por salir

    un abrazo

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