School Days

I’ve been thinking of writing some impressions of this ongoing anime one of my favorites now, more so since the end of last episode that was a turning point in the story and again things can change unpredictable after this last episode.

This is not a description of the story but instead it’s what I think of each character now. So if you’re not following it you may feel lost.

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### spoilers below

Sekai. I can see her having both feelings and chemistry with Makoto. On top of being attractive her personality is vibrant, alive; she openly gets herself into Makoto’s life from the start by peeking into her cellphone, by teasing him, by doing something for him. Quite a contrast with Kotonoha who doubts when Makoto proposes to go visit Kokoro.

We are halfway in this anime and even in this episode, she is still referring to their intimacy as “training” possibly as a way to handle the uncertainty of their situation, the guilt of knowing she’s doing the boyfriend of a friend and perhaps her desire/hope to be chosen -instead of forcing he situation on Makoto-.

Kotonoha. Late. Late she is showing more attention to Makoto as she feels that in a certain way she is losing him. . In ep. 3 he already felt that it was too tiring to have her as girlfriend, which means he doesn’t like her as much or that what he is receiving from the relation has no equity or parity with the effort he is putting into it. Not a good symptom. But instead of talking or going to the point, she just talks to fill the growing distance between them, as we can see in the train.

In a sense I also feel a bit sad for her and all that is happening. I don’t blame her, it’s just the way she is, or the moment she is living. Sometimes things in life don’t always happen when you are ready or in the best moment to face them. She definitely reacts evading and running away of things instead of talking, communicating, facing… part of her shyness. She has another side though as we can see when she faces Otome’s implied assertion of interest in Makoto: assertive, straight to the point and with a different, more confident voice as well. Sure there is yet something to be seen when that aspect of her come up as the story unfolds. She may be overwhelmed by the situation or rise herself up to it and turn the apparent defeat into something else.

Otome may become an interesting addition to this triangle.

Makoto. I wouldn’t go as far as killing him for what he’s doing. He only follows his nature. He was interested in Kotonoha at first, not precisely lusting after her but more like having a crush. But he is also a guy and obviously he is attracted to her as well. Think about how it feels to realize early in your relation that your girlfriend doesn’t like to be touched as he acknowledges, dissapointedly, in ep. 4.

On the other hand, as he was getting to know Kotonoha, he also has his first kiss with Sekai, and afterwards “training”. In a sense Sekai and him have created a secret place where ecchi is allowed in spite of the reality of her being a friend and him being the boyfriend of one of her friends. Obviously she appeals/awakes a certain side of him that Kotonoha is definitely not covering. I wonder if there’s also the thrill of the forbidden at play here: they shouldn’t. They know they shouldn’t. But they do it. And they can’t help it. Think of the scene where he caress Sekai thigh until his hand disappears under her skirt. She blushes but says nothing and let him do. Or when Sekai says no, but her actions and body language says yes and they both keep going on. I can see them having a wonderful chemistry as their intimacy develops.

Granted, he should have broken with Kotonoha before starting or going on with Sekai, sure. But again many times things happen and you just realize what they are as or after they happen. I don’t justify his actions, he is breaking the trust Kotonoha put in him but I can see why that is so. I think he is kinda cooling it off before breaking with Kotonoha and that is why he doesn’t yet say anything to her. Not to say that he seems to be thinking and thinking of a way to handle everything or to break the news to her.

The music and the sole word Kotonoha says at the end – Udosai “It’s a lie”- left me thinking of what comes next.

I can’t wait to see next week’s episode.

Kotonoha to the right and Sekai to the left.

School Days


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