This weekend after a very very long time I went to the gym on Saturday. Usually I tend to avoid any engagements on weekends as those are days I take for me. Even if for lazily just laying in bed watching anime.

Well then, this last month I haven’t really been training. In fact I have been skipping it as much as I could. Whatever the reason the fact was I didn’t feel much about going to the gym. So I didn’t.

The times I’ve been most into it were related to a purpose – a trek, climb a certain mountain, train for the season or something like that. Training to see a six pack in my abs zone has never been enough motivation for me to stop doing something else, prepare and spend +2hr between transportation, routine and clean up every day, or every two days.

But, why?

Shouldn’t I be more concerned about a beautiful body, chiseled abs, more definition?… you get the idea. Well, training is just half of the equation. Food is the other half. To have a body like that a certain regime with controlled intake -not only for calories- is necessary. And just for that I ended up being vegetarian for a certain while, macrobiotic for another while up to the point of baking my own bread and testing food effects in the next day routine/training. Understandably, it was very rare to find something suitable in a restaurant and of course, all that was time consuming.

I smile now thinking of those times. I learned something doing it and I got results. But all seems such a huge effort now.

Last Sat, I did 2 sets of 30 mins. aerobic training after almost a month off. No pain, no problems, just a little dizziness at the end of the 2nd set. HB around 118-120. Not bad for a month off spend indulging myself, I think and not doing more than 1 15mins. set as warm up.

Absynthe thinking of ways to self-motivate.

Or perhaps, starting to wonder if things that used to matter no longer do.

Funny, after writing this post got to digg and found this.


2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Yo hace como 3 meses dejé de hacer deporte, primero por unas lesiones, luego por flojera y finalmente por los viajes, pero este lunes lo retomo, ya fue bueno de vacaciones.

    Mi motivacióon es que es una forma de eliminar el stress.

    Nos leemos.

  2. Un buen rato en el gym y luego al sauna en verdad que ayudan con el stress.

    Claro, también estan el alcohol, el sexo, la adrenalina…

    Opciones no faltan : )

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