Phone girlfriend?

Part of my job is helping clients over the phone and remotely fixing their computer problems, no matter where.

Today I got a call from a London girl- nice cockney accent and funny from the start; horsing around with her about her id spelling, the weather, mr. Bean, where to go on the weekend while we were loading some information in her computer. Got a chance to take a peek of a picture of her that she had as desktop background: clean countenance, open forehead and straight darkish hair held back with a band. Pretty neat. As she was explaining the issue to me and I started connecting to her machine I noticed something in the background, a well know tune and then “how does it feel… to treat me like you do… ” I’ve heard that before I thought, but my attention was focused on solving the problem at hand until a few minutes later it hit me: it was Blue Monday from New Order! So we like the same music… After the issue was fixed we started talking about alternative clubs, some more music. I was hooked and I guess she was also somehow as she gave me her messenger and phone number, a 020 London area code number and told me to get in touch later.

Hmm if i were in London.

This voip account can be put in good use now ^_^

Absynthe’s thoughts are drifting away to the other side of the pond.


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