School Days – Heart and body

Once I saw ep. 10 was available I got so anxious while waiting for it to arrive. Kotonoha, was she raped by Taisuke?

After seeing it I just can say wow. Again this is not a summary but my impressions of this episode.

kotonoha after Setsuna kissing Makoto Kotonoha’s break up

After doing it with OtomeWith Setsuna kotonoha lost it

### spoilers below

Very sad to see the episode starting with the humping sounds of Taisuke and later Kotonoha stepping out with her blouse undone. And falling to her knees crying. What a sad thing to see. Later my heart was crushed again to see her faceless while she was being dumped by Makoto. Her character is so harmless and cute and the same time, she sure deserves a lot better. Also it’s a bit of a shock to see what happens with Makoto and Setsuna, but is somehow believable as she is leaving the country she couldn’t care less of keeping things to herself and having a go with the boy she likes. And after all the excitement the ends changes the mood completely. We can see a gloomy Kotonoha with a lifeless face walking slowly and carrying a purse that when moved gives metallic sounds. She’s looking for Makoto and even meeting Sekai means nothing to her as after listening to Setsuna, Sekai is just someone peripheral to all this, perhaps even a victim like her. Suddenly the anime mood turns dark and a dramatic, maybe even gore, end seems to be coming as the next episode is called “Everyone’s Makoto” which may also mean that each get literally a piece of him.

Said all that I have to give thumbs up at how the show is keeping the interest and even excitement of watching it and knowing what happens now, what happens next. It may very well be that Kotonoha kills herself. Or tortures Makoto to death.

Something curious is that in spite of Otome being aside Sekai when the video of Otome taking the initiative and having sex with Makoto, Sekai does nothing but leaving to look for him. Not even a word, a tear, a punch, a kick… nothing!. May it be that Sekai is not really that annoyed by Makoto having other girlfriends?

Something I liked is in the middle of all, when Makoto is talking with Setsuna in his bed he is straightforward and tells her she likes him. This shows a different Makoto than the one who is always unsure about what to choose or what he likes or not. Nice development in his character, but at a price…

Jeez, I want to see the next episode now, and at the very same time I’m a little afraid of what may happen.

Which in my book is a very good thing.


2 thoughts on “School Days – Heart and body

  1. Super enganchado con el tema, donde puedo conseguir esa serie, tienes alguna idea y claro si existe una versión en español mejor pero aguanto el inglés bien así que también me va.

    Nos leemos.

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