De tout et de rien

This weekend I was playing a bit with HD video. Got Ghost in the Shell 2 – Innocence Blu-Ray edition.

The intro scene is impressive both by the concept and the graphics: the assembly of a cyborg body is shown starting by the hands, very fine -fiber optics?- threads join each phalange until the hand is complete then the rest of the body comes together each part at a time until you see the hair and eyes coming into focus. All this in stunning clarity and with some dark Japanese choral music with percussion mostly. The scene is amazing.

What surprised me mostly was the detail; higher resolution means finer details and shades that make for an amazing image. And this is only 720p HD video. I use a 20′ monitor with 1680 by 1050 native resolution so I cannot see a full 1080p frame here. I can only imagine the image quality. This Wikipedia graphic (.svg image) shows what I mean; beware you may not be able to see all of it. Alternatively here you have an image of a video screen at its native size of 1080p. It is larger than most screens. I have a Ghost in the Shell 2 clip of 1min 23 seg at 720p it takes around 100 MB the image is stunning but I cannot upload it here.

My eyes are forever corrupted. My next player will be Blu-Ray.

I lost internet access this weekend.

I was planning to leave by the 2nd week of October as my year contract expired in September. Silly me I didn’t think of the possibility of having service for one month more, or even one week more or even only over the weekend!. Turns out the lack of service was an error/problem in my ISP part solved by a call of my part. Having had Telefónica as ISP in Peru never thought possible to extend my service for a month only or a week or only a weekend… here it is possible.

Come to think of it, once in SF I got service for a weekend -dial up- and at the end they didn’t even charge me for it as they took it as a test since I was not staying and was not signing up a contract. Amazing. The difference in customer service is abysmal. Not that people who answer the phone for Telefónica are not kind, they are, but policies and tech support.. I’ll just say that I have pretty sour memories of them. Glad that I wont see them anymore here.

No more of that crap about overbooking, compression or nominal and real bandwidth as I used to hear from them. I have an honest 7 Mb connection and I see my transfers with a fast server reach up to 800 kB/sec. There’s even a 20 Mbps plan but has a transfer limit something I don’t want for my next contract.

About the trip: I decided to move it a month later. I’ll enjoy my new salary for a few weeks and will have time to sell what I have to sell and do the things I would have had to do in a week that was left if I were to fly at the date I planned to.

At the end I’m happy with the extra time.

I felt good after deciding to take it.

PS. So now a virus is responsible of Speedy slowness… and OSIPTEL plays the part.


One thought on “De tout et de rien

  1. Aunque no lo creas acabo de comprar la pelicular de Gost in the Shell 2, vi la 1 me parecio sombrosa; no juego nada, no se por que pero no me gusta, lo que si voy a disfrutar de la pelicúla. Compre dos mas Appleseed y Onimusha, veremos que tal.

    De otro lado, si pues, la calidad del servicio que brinda TdP acá es de lo peor, y encima mienten con un ciniscmo increìble, en fin, ahora el Congreso los investiga y espero que algo salga en beneficio de los usuarios.

    Espero que cuentes tu postergado viaje.

    Nos leemos.

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