Rainy morning. I stand up barely awake. In spite of the DST change that means I am waking up one hour later than before my head is heavy and I feel slow. Hesitated between biking to the office or taking a bus/cab. At the end I thought what the hell, it’s only a bit of water and my bike doesn’t rust neither do I. In fact it was raining, not pouring down.

Off I went. And it was great fun. Getting my face all wet.

I even came wearing a shirt under my waterproof jacket and it was pretty neat when I arrived. North Face does great stuff. I should buy some waterproof pants though.. ooohhh

Everything’s more or less going according to plans. Yesterday I got 6 large storage bins (72lt each) and will start washing -and drying- everything today before packing. I decided to use a commercial storage place instead of leaving things in a friends house. For one, if I don’t sell my sofa there may not be enough space for my stuff in the extra room they have. And the storage place is closer to my flat. So there, it’s mostly decided.

I look at my 2 1/2 and even though is small, packing is such a drag… good riddance to the fridge and stove I won’t have to move. I’m not taking my bed either. It’s destroyed for all practical purposes. I love to jump on it, dive in and do other stuff so mattresses don’t last and bed frames.. I’ve broken more than one. So no bed frames for me.

My plane ticket is scheduled for next week.

So my vacations will soon start.

Hey I just found out yesterday that the price of my plane ticket is roughly equal to the interests of one of my investments. Heh, that’s some good news: more money to enjoy other things than a place to seat for +8 hrs.

PS – I’m not taking my bike with me. I’m soo going to miss her.

listening Alphaville Victory of Love


One thought on “Sooo

  1. Es decir estás casi listo para emprender tu viaje, la pregunta es, donde vas?, y claro la contestas si te da la gana y si no no… jajaja; en todo caso espero que te vaya bien y lo disfrutes.

    Nos leemos.

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