In town

Soaking myself in the hot spring helps wash away last night excesses.

inca baths

My evening started by being introduced to ZZ; small, cute, outgoing and with a bubbling personality. We met early to have something to eat and then go to -the only?- place opened in week nights. ZZ had had a fight with her boyfriend and was eager to meet somebody and do something fun. But it turned out the boyfriend knew that she was meeting me and was a bit jealous about it so he also came around to check how things were going and what she was doing. Without any of us knowing. So after we met, he called her and finally came to eat with us. The guy was OK, a bit quiet and polite and appeared friendly.

After some drinks and a few laughs we went to the place. Confortable, a bit too well lit to my liking but anyway; the girls asked for karaoke songs and we asked for some maracuyá pisco sours. Some talking, drinking, joking, music and little by little ZZ started showing her sassy side. She was a flirt but a very funny flirt. I had a blast. We were having a good time, even the boyfriend apparently so. Forbidden things have a special appeal so I went to pee and she went to ask again for the song she had requested and we met casually in the next lobby. “You are fun, and you look happy… that’s the smile of a woman in loooooove” I told her as she smiled when looking at me “In love? In love with love, in love with life perhaps” she answered as she looked at my lips. “Is that so?” I replyied as I bit my lower lip and approached to her a bit. She appoached as well and separated her lips a bit as she breathed. So I kiss her. She grabbed my lower back with her small hands and pinched my but a bit. I caressed hers. “Hey, we gotta go!” she said, “yeah, let’s get a room, pronto” I said calmly and looked straight to her eyes, after a brief moment we were again laughing crazyly.

Back to the group I just said I didn’t find the loop. More pisco sours. More dancing. I even danced Pedro Navaja… must’ve been really wasted as my recolection of the next events is not completely clear. Time to leave as all of them had to work the next morning. We paid and the other guy went out first, my friend second, me next and ZZ last. As we walked through the aisles we looked at the many doors with signs and shiny little numbers I said, uninterestingly “Soooo many doors…” she just looked at me and all of a sudden we just were pulling each other’s arm through a door. It was a conference room. We started kissing and petting heavily and as I lifted her she wrapped her legs around my waist and I started bonking her against the wall. It was a crazy thing but felt sooo good. Then we went out again as my friend was looking back to see where we had dissapeared. “Hurry up, D is already waiting for us“. And he was, with a cab ready to take her to her flat. We all kissed goodbye and commented with my friend on the way home that she must be having some hard sex as she appeared horny since early in the evening.

Litlle did we know that the calm, quiet and polite guy had a harsh argument and almost beat her out of jealousy before they even arrived to her place.

All in all not bad a welcome to this town, I think.


2 thoughts on “In town

  1. Así que eres la causa de que casi la maten a la probre chica… jajajaja, el alcohol la excusa, se que no soy un santo y espero no serlo nunca, pero no tengo lo que se necesita para hacer lo que hiciste, disfrutar o aprovechar ese momento sabiendo que no debería, ese saber me termina matando.

    Nos leemos.

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