In bed

Well, I’m pretty comfortably resting in a bed, laptop on top and surfing a bit for something interesting to read. It´s a beautiful morning of crisp air and sunny skies but I feel like resting a bit and reading for a change. I’m not a religious person myself and all this holy week is but an inconvenience as some places are closed and even the local TV stations show but boooooring movies of ancient times. Not the kind of mythology I’m usually interested in.

Anyhooo, I got to Leander Kahney’s blog to find out he’s freely distributing 2 of his already published books [torrents below]

Cult of Mac
Cult of iPod

It’s been a while I read a mac book, I mean not a tech one but one about the mac culture. Prolly since the holy wars. But it’s a fine alternative for some quiet mornings in the highlands.

Share and enjoy.


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