Theremyn 4

It seems I wont be leaving without watching Theremym 4 after all.

They’ll play at Mochileros Pub on April 25 at 10PM along with other electronic bands. I like what I’ve heard of them so far, they remind me of Kraftwerk in the maschinen sound purity but with a more current touch. Not in the sense that the Kraftwerk sound is old but understandably Kraftwerk is too Kraftwerk for mass consumption despite Pocket Calculator or a few other hits.

nuevo flyer

Heh, I’ll always remember a wise-ass copywriter from my old job who came to my office once while I was listening to Kraftwerk and pointed out that the CD should be too new as he hadn’t heard it. Alas, even some people in-the-know tend to think that electronica and punk, for instance, are something that comes from the last 10 years at most.

What a face he put when I told him it was a 70´s band and the CD had come out more than 15 years ago!

I’ll just sing Wir fahr’n fahr’n fahr’n auf der Autobahn…

Date amended on April 2.


One thought on “Theremyn 4

  1. No he escuchado mucho de ellos, siempre me olvido debajar sus cosas y cuando los escucho no se, me suenan muy fuerte, en fin como siempre cuestión de gustos.

    Hay otro grupo peruano interesante se llama Resplandor, hace un buen tiempo escuché algo de ellos y era interesante.

    Nos leemos.

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