Still in Chachapoyas

After the Kuelap descent my legs were begging for mercy. So I stayed one day in the comfort of my hotel just chilling out and enjoying the day. The next day we got heavy rain -good we didn’t go anywhere.

Taking with the owner it turned out he needed to translate the text of his web page-to-be to English. So we made a deal, and got another tour and lodging in exchange for that translation.

Nice heh?

We left early for the tour this time and saw this bridge in the way. It connects Luya, Lamúd and other villages with Chachapoyas and the rest of the world. After crossing by foot to the other side another ride was waiting for us.

broken bridge

It so happens that those cabs were stuck in there. Imagine this, you go someplace and you’re stuck there as there no longer is a bridge to let your vehicle come back. That is their exact situation.

Ok, a little later we reached Lamúd to have breakfast and then continue to our destination. A little walk in a beautiful countryside leads to the site.

Path to Karaj�a site

Karajía is a site with sarcophaguses standing in a very steep cliff side. It makes you wonder why did they choose that location and how do they manage to put the sarcophaguses in there.

Karaj�a Sarcophaguses

They must’ve revered isolation, panoramic views and a wild scenery. So do I.

Later we went to lunch to an unpronounceable town and to part ways with the Germans. Yesterday afternoon I met a group of Germans who were starting a 4 day trek around many of the local sites. We had a few beers and made good friends and I was invited to trek with them by the guide as well. I wanted to go, but hell, my legs remembered me I am not in such a good condition now. OK, we said wiedersehen in Iquitos and a couple of Czechs and me continued our ride to the Town of the Dead while they headed for the Huaylla Belén valley and 4 days more of trekking.

Getting to the Town of the Dead takes a larger and steeper descent by foot than to Karajía along a path in what seems to be a beautiful wild garden. Really. On the way you can see the Gocta Waterfall in front. Light didn’t really help. Gocta is the third tallest free-leaping waterfall in the world with 771 m.

Gocta, from the opposite mountain side

Not much is known of this site; there were mummies and artifacts, most of which have been raided already. But the place is amazing with a view overlooking a deep valley all green and mostly inaccessible. Made me think how wonderful for having a terrace, seating with a drink and enjoying the silence.

Town of the Dead

It’s a real pity that no books on Kuelap are available in Chachapoyas city. In any language.

Back in my hotel I rested my tired bones after a long hot shower. And woke up at midnight to go out and have a taste of this city nightlife.

Met a coupe of local guys at the disco who showed me around driving a bit drunk -them, not me- in the empty city streets. Great fun. Chachapoyan girls are kind, with a great cinnamont skin color and a lovely accent.

Living recklessly is great.

listening Roxette It must’ve been love


One thought on “Still in Chachapoyas

  1. Es que se puede poner mejor?, ciertamente esa vida libre y solamente decidida por tu voluntad diaria debe ser un placer; disfruta todo lo que puedas y sigue posteando.

    Nos leemos.

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