Pedro Ruiz

There is not much to be said about this town. In order to reach Tarapoto from Chachapoyas you have to go to Pedro Ruiz and catch a bus there as no direct buses are available

The cheapest way to go happens to be the most comfortable one as well. CIVA buses going to Chiclayo leave at around 6 PM every day and charge 7 soles to Pedro Ruiz. Mine left at 7 PM but you know how it is. If you are average or a little tall you will appreciate the extra leg room. There are also cars -like taxis- that charge 15 soles and leave when they are full.

CIVA buses leave you in an intersection with the main highway from the coast to Tarapoto. You have to wait there until a bus arrives and stops to pick passengers. Don’t listen to the car drivers that wait there, they told me that “the only” way to reach Tarapoto was from Nueva Cajamarca, so I had to take a ride with them to there and they asked 30 soles. A complete lie.

I just waited less than 45 minutes and got a bus -also from CIVA- that charged me 35 soles to Tarapoto.

Got a seat by a window and slept a bit of the way.


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