We all have dreams.

Ideas about what we want for and from the future or how we want things to be.

I must confess that one of my dreams was to end up in Amsterdam where I would live in boat floating lazily in a water canal. Somehow Venice doesn’t cut it. In my mind, Holland represents a kind of freedom of many things -and if you read this blog, you’ll see I don’t really care for drugs-. Who knows where I pick up those ideas and images and how they become dreams. Freud may help but.. who cares, those are my dreams and ideas anyway.

Walking along the malecón I got a glimpse of one of my dreams, there to the reach of my hand.

A boat

This is not Amsterdam but I could see myself living in that boat.

It’s such a weird feeling having something you dream of to the reach of your hand in certain way.

It may not seem so, but the boat is in working order, just not working right now as this is the low season.


2 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Que raro que te veas en Amsterdam, es una ciudad interesante, dos de los hermanos de mi papá vivieron ahí por varios años.

    No se donde quisiera termianar, no me he puesto a pensar nunca eso, pero creo que sería un buen ejercicio.

    Nos leemos.

  2. Quiza pronto veremos un post sobre los posibles finales del peregrino ?

    Hay cosas que hay que pensarlas pero otras vienen a uno, vaya a saber como o donde. Algunos le llaman inspiración, otros visiones o sueños.

    Curioso que nunca hayas pensado en donde quieres terminar o como ves el fin de tus dias.

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