Superdrive media found

It’s gotta be my lucky day. I got my second parcel today in the afternoon.

My iMac superdrive is supposed to record DVDs at 8x. I have tried several media, generic and even 16x Fuji DVD-R and all I got was 2x speed that means about +30 minutes to record a full single layer DVD. Too slow.

And then verification. Bit by bit.

Life’s too short.

Looking around the web to find how to record faster I could see many people complaining about that, having an 8x superdrive that cannot record at that speed. Many brands are mentioned but among all of them Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden appear to be the most recommended ones. After inserting a Verbatim DVD I can confirm that:

The 8x speed choice is displayed as available. I can finally use my superdrive at full speed.

Or not.

Using Toast 8 simulation mode to record 4.31 GB of possible 4.38 GB I got a total time of 12 min 53 sec.

Write speed was set at 8x DVD, although 16x DVD appears listed in the pop-up menu. There’s also the ‘Best’ speed setting which I should try. Buffer underrun was off.

The first 10% is recorded between 2x and 3x speed; when reaching 84-85% the 8x speed kicks in. This is normal no drive records at constant speed. 8x demands about 11 MB/sec data rate, so I left a few applications opened (Adium, Firefox 3, Preview, DiscCatalogMaker, Brightness), hid Firefox and trusted in the iMac data pipes and my internal factory Western Digital SATA drive.

It is definitely an improvement over the Fuji media that takes more than 30 min.

Perhaps I should order some more as the price is $4.99 per 25 DVDs pack as a deal in FS.

Verbatim 8x DVD-R

Until I get BD.


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