Out of 3 orders purchased online delivered by 2 different courier companies none has arrived to me yet.

There seems to be a problem with this address. The owners didn’t tell me a buzzer code was required to reach the apartment and since I never call or ring my own place I didn’t know. And courier drivers seem to come and leave, unable to reach me.

So my shiny new HD, my UPS and some DVDs are still on the way when they should already be here.

Misery likes company.

Canada Post truck

Update 12:24PM – what do you know, the courier arrived a little while ago with my new UPS. Unpack, plug battery, turn off my mac, plug power and USB cable and I’m done. Apple has UPS control software in the Energy control panel that will be visible only when a UPS is detected. Good that my Back-UPS ES is supported.

To save menubar space and get visual feedback I’m using Battery Monitor

Treating the UPS in the same way as the battery of a laptop has been one of those things that I find incredibly ingenious since I heard of it as an old entry in MacHack. Don’t know if Apple picked up the idea there or what but it is one of the things that make me like this OS, no extra 3-years-old-power-chute-up to-0SX10.4.5-only-my-#$#@#.

Less is more.


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