Just like playing

While surfing the deals and rebates for the coming Canada Day I noticed two price search engines I use had no plugins in Firefox.

So I created them.

Firefox search engine design is very smart and makes things sooo easy, just double click any word or number and choose where to search. A definition, a translation to another language, Google it, track it (if it’s a package number), search it in YouTube, etc. For instance, after yesterday’s bike excursion I was checking a Garmin 60CSx GPS for my bike so I double-clicked on “60CSx” to select it, chose Best Buy from the right button menu and then a new tab in the background opens with Best Buy’s description and price -if only one match- or a list of choices -if several matches-. Very easy. And you can compare prices if you choose a price comparison engine, like PriceBot, that searches in many sites and gives you a list of prices in each of them. Or I could’ve selected “Miki Gonzales” and chosen YouTube to see Akundun and other videos from him uploaded there.

I was forgetting, to have the search engines in you right button mouse menu you also need the Context Search extension. No worries, it installs just with one click.

Making the plugins is simple and kind of fun after your first try. You can find them in the Mycroft page: PriceBat.ca and PriceCanada.

Ain’t Firefox great?



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