New BB

So, after enjoying riding in the rain a little while back I am now having a creaking sound down there. I thought it was the shitty pedals I got but after installing some nice Easton Flatboys the creak is still there.

Time to rebuild or change my bottom bracket.

The internet is wonderful for these things. Checking around I found the manuals for my BB with exploding views and all that. Also read about the Hope stainless steel BB; it seems to behave pretty well under wet conditions. And looks pretty cool too.

Hope Stainless Steel BB

And if the cartridge of my BB can be replaced, Enduro seems to make interesting sets. They even have ceramic bearings. And the pic on their site is pretty graphical about using them in wet conditions.

Enduro bearings

I just hope I don’t have to change the whole BB, after buying the pedals this is getting a bit expensive. Luckily there is an atelier communautaire where for an annual fee I can go and use the tools and a mechanic’s assistance to do maintenance, repairs o replacements. I changed the pedals there yesterday and saved a few bucks since I didn’t have to buy the pedal wrench I needed nor the bit of seal grease for the pedal threads. Although it is a nice tool, very solid -the Park one- what good is it if I am to use it one or twice perhaps.

That money better goes to the annual fee or some hot cappuccinos for the mechanics.

BTW the flatboys are grippy I took the pins out in one side but after the first ride the side of my chin had 2 scratches. I’m thinking of replacing the pins with something softer, leaving them out or just putting them in when needed. I should get something in the holes as they’ll get dirt if left empty. Oh well the flatboys look OK even dirty.

listening Pink Floyd Shine on you crazy diamond.


2 thoughts on “New BB

  1. Te aseguro que no quieres saberlo.

    Y parece que es posible darle mantenimiento al BB, osea que no tendría que comprar otra. Ya sabré la próxima semana.

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