700x30c for Cannondale BBU

Yesterday I found a couple of knobby tyres that may fit my BBU and would allow me to ride better off road with my stock set of rims. So after mounting them I can say that yes, the Schwalbe CX Pro H269 700×30 does fit the stock Sun rims and HeadShok of a Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra.

new 700x30 Schwalbes in HeadShok Fatty Ultra DLR

They leave just very little space but do not reach the HeadShok valve.

new 700x30 Schwalbes in HeadShok Fatty Ultra DLR

Silly me.

Thinking of MTB tyres and 29’ers I had completely forgotten the cyclocross category.

These Schwalbes should be a huge improvement when ridding off road. My old Conti slicks are very reliable, haven’t even got a flat in two years and handle well in rain. But when they start hitting the dirt… well let’s just say they were not meant for that.

If these 700×30 fit, there is a good chance that any of the nice 700×35 Maxxis cyclocross tyres will fit as the second number indicates a width increase, for which the Fattys have enough clearance as shown in the second picture. And a little fatter tyres will provide a better ride for the narrow rims I’ve got.

So now, do I keep these tyres or put back the Contis and return the Schwalbes in exchange for the Maxxis?

Yeah, I know, the computer sensor cable looks awful. Wireless Strada or V3 is next.

Space is tight but it’s not rubbing at all.

7 thoughts on “700x30c for Cannondale BBU

  1. Hay quienes quieren olvidarse de todo cuando pedalean, no quieren medidores ni computadoras ni nada.

    Yo quiero saber al menos que tanto he recorrido sin tener que montar el GPS. Pero ese cable.. jode.

  2. Hi there,

    I’ve had the same tyre problems with my BBU. The other day I bought an set of Scwalbe Kojax 700×35 tyres and the front did not fit because of that headhshok valve. I decided to install the rear and keep my conti front.

    With the cylcocross tyre any chance of posting a pic which shows how much space is between tyre and headshok valve?

  3. This is the best pic I’ve got but it doesn’t show well the space which is actually like 3 DVDs thick.

    If you’re into slicks perhaps you should try the stelvio hs347 that has more protection than the kojak or the ultremo that is ultra light; both have more fitting sizes.

  4. hello, i saw your post and wanted to do the same.are you happy with this combination? i was thinking to do xc with this
    set-up, i’ll be glad if you’ll right down something about
    the off-road ability you experience now.

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