On second thought

I may have misconstrued the conditions and opportunities that the “bureaucratic” position offered; what I had in mind was picturing the position of a person I know who represented a province, and the places that the province has representation on.

That is different from the current offer. After reading it more than twice, thinking it over and sleeping on the conditions it can be denied that it is really interesting. The workplace is in fact anywhere in the world, or even in Canada -which I wouldn’t mind at all. With a little bit of luck I could end up in one of the countries I’d always wanted to go or to stay, or who knows.


So much to see.


Or places to stay.

Amsterdam channel

So I’m almost done with the application requirements and choosing an official translator to start the validation process of my qualifications. In all honesty I should have done that long ago, it just simply slipped out of my mind among more pressing things. This morning I found out that it would take longer than expected but I’ll give it a shot anyway as the requirements state that the degree can also be obtained in 2010 which will be the basis for sustaining a request to wait for the validation process to provide the results.

It also helped to realize that the place where I’d have to initially move is only about 200 km from here which means moving of all my stuff (or whatever I don’t get rid of) wouldn’t be such a pain/expensive. There is the issue with my lease, but there are usually ways to work around that.

As I write this I got the second call from the 2nd offer to confirm I’m still interested and propose a tentative date for interview next week.

I’ll say it clearly, I’d love to get the first job and will try to. The second offer should be my backup plan. There is also an employment fair today and tomorrow but since I was a bit indisposed this morning will be hitting the fair tomorrow.

Seems that somehow I will be going back to work somehow soon.

Even in Montreal.


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