Playing with Thunderbolt numbers

News is good today with Lion, the new Air and the updated Mac Mini just being introduced this morning. I am waiting for a new NAS and was wondering how fast it would be to move the almost 4TB in media if the new Thunderbolt interface were to be used.

So let’s play with some Thunderbolt numbers:

10 Gbps = 10,000,000,000 bits / 8 bits per byte = 1,250,000,000 bytes

1,250,000,000 / 1024 bytes (1 KB) = 1,220,703.125 KB

1,220,703.125 / 1024 KB (1MB) = 1,192.092 MB / 1024 (1 GB) = 1.164 GB

So at full Thunderbolt speed 1.164GB per second moving 4TB = 4096 GB it would take 3518.9 seconds which are 58.65 min.

Less than 1 hr to move 4TB.

1.164 GB per second means moving data at a speed close to 3 DVDs (single layer ones) per second!

And they say there are 2 channels each at 10Gbps, if both active that would cut the time in half. That is really really fast.



So, after reading quite a bit of people for and against the Boxee box I went today to downtown Future Shop to check it and *maybe* bring it home.

I know, the software/firmware is not there yet, but it is promising and it would be an improvement over my WDTV Live. And quite surely XBMC will soon be ported raising the bar very high for other players. At least 1 of my 2 more pressing requirements (HD audio) is there. DTS-MA works well. I’m not clear yet about the others, multichannel FLAC and multichannel AAC support/streaming hence I was trying to get some hands-on experience at the store.

For this, I checked the stores it was available in and off I went.

Vendor #1 AV section

– U looking for what?..
– A Boxee box
– Whadda… what it’s that?
– It’s a media player
– media player… those are over there in the computer section…

Yeah right, a TV media player in the computer section.
Anyway, I went over the computer section, found a connected laptop opened the FS page with the Boxee box and looked for a vendor.

– I want to buy this
– uh huh… what is that??
– it’s a media player
– I don’t know I’ve never seen that…
– ok thanks.

So much for ‘Future’ Shop answering about an item introduced.. last week.

I’ve been modding my WDTV but, in spite of me liking to fiddle with things, namely, electronic ‘toys’ like this, at the end it is too much work for just watching TV.

The boxee comes already set to do most of the stuff I want. The other choice would be an HTPC.

Winter is coming and so, the more reason to have some indoor entertainment for the long cold days ahead.

Boxee box

Le choix

I have checked my voice mail and I’ve got 2 firm job offers.

One has a slightly higher pay but involves weekends and night shifts. The other one is a little lower but it’s only day shifts and no weekends at all.

Choice is the essence of freedom.


where to?


So, here I am in the process of preparing a decline of job offer letter in French. Since the interviewers were mostly communicating with me in French it’s only polite to answer back in the same language.

I have already called but gotten into voice mail. So until I have an explicit agreement from one, I’m not declining the other.

Lilybeth blues

I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling extending across my head. A single, boring lamp pended on top of the middle of the room. Where the f*** am I now?, was usually what I thought first while heavy notes of dark wave or punk were coming from the living room. Too much for so early in the day if you ask me but such are the perils of having a punk rocker girlfriend.

But some mornings, for a reason still unbeknownst to me, this was what I heard:

So, waking up today somehow I wanted to listen to it again and again. Since I first heard it, I’ve felt alternatively like the one giving the advise and the one receiving it as well. I guess I do have a very old side of me, older than my current being, as some wiccans told me. Anyhoo, it’s a beautiful message.

Enjoy your Sunday.