Lilybeth blues

I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar ceiling extending across my head. A single, boring lamp pended on top of the middle of the room. Where the f*** am I now?, was usually what I thought first while heavy notes of dark wave or punk were coming from the living room. Too much for so early in the day if you ask me but such are the perils of having a punk rocker girlfriend.

But some mornings, for a reason still unbeknownst to me, this was what I heard:

So, waking up today somehow I wanted to listen to it again and again. Since I first heard it, I’ve felt alternatively like the one giving the advise and the one receiving it as well. I guess I do have a very old side of me, older than my current being, as some wiccans told me. Anyhoo, it’s a beautiful message.

Enjoy your Sunday.



Acaba de terminar el webcast del concierto de U2 en el Rose Bowl. Es obvio que verlo en persona no es lo mismo que verlo en directo via el web, pero es una opción interesante.

No soy un super fan del grupo pero tiene canciones que me gustan. Y poner Major Tom antes de salir en escena, muy buena elección.

Un par de ‘fotos’ del concierto. Gracias U2.






a single spark of passion
can change a man forever
a moment in a lifetime
is all it takes to break him

a fraction of a heartbeat
made us what we are
a brother and a sister
for better or for worse

Oyéndo The Covenant me conecto conmigo mismo, con cosas que he olvidado, o más precisamente, que no estoy atendiéndo.

Como este blog.

Oyéndo Covenant Dead Stars

Good things come

to those who wait.

Lima New Festival, nace por la imperiosa necesidad de hacer algo grande en nuestro país. Hemos presenciado, participado y formado parte de la organización de algunos eventos en Estados Unidos y en Europa; y la verdad que es sumamente gratificante ver como se llevan a cabo. Y creemos que es necesario arriesgar e invertir en el país, generar trabajo, y lo principal, cumplir el sueño de muchos fanáticos que ahora tendrán la oportunidad de ver a muchas de sus inolvidables bandas favoritas.


Sadly I’ll be long gone for this one so I hope you enjoy it and I’ll leave you with some videos and what comes to my mind while or after watching them, all from the coming bands.

When in Rome :: Did you ever wear your hair long? Do you miss it?

Gene Love Jezebel :: “What you get is what you see…” a version of Desire as I’m sure you’ve quite listened a bit too much of the Motion of love.

Real Life :: I don´t know you but this one holds a special dark and warmish place in my memory. It came to mean something greater than the sound or lyrics themselves.

You’ll get it when a dark angel appears in your life. Or not.