True Tears

Estando aquí he perdido contacto con algunas cosas como esta nueva serie que empezó en Japón en Enero.

Despues de lo mucho que me gustó School Days esperaba encontrar otra serie que me capture de la misma manera, desde el primer episodio. Bueno, parece que no va a pasar así con True Tears.

Mientras School Days gira en torno a relaciones con un twist desde el comienzo, True Tears las incluye o las sugiere pero además parece agregar un elemento de drama más que de amor y algo que solo viendo este primer episodio no sé definir: “give tears away” puede sugerir algo sobrenatural o fantástico o puede ser simplemente parte del drama central de esta historia. Ya veremos.

Dado que la mac donde la veo se va para los 8 años solo puedo verla en avi a mediana resolución (tamaño DVD). Pero sé que está disponible en alta como para archivarla.

Así que por ahora solo puedo decir que sí, es interesante pero no cautivadora.

True Tears

Update Marzo 02

Les dejo una imagen de Noe al final de episodio 9. Es mi fondo de pantalla ahora. Click para bajar o verla a full.



Bokura ga ita

So, I watched Bokura ga ita. I got the first episode to have a go with it and see if it was interesting. Even though very simple visually the story and characters were good enough to catch my attention. It’s a 26 episode anime and I could hardly wait to see what happened after most of the episodes ended. So I got them all and watched them almost non-stop. It’s that good.

The story presents the relation of a young couple of high schoolers, Nanami and Yano, mostly narrated from the girl’s point of view. I’m no girl but can’t help wonder if a girl that age thinks as much or is as mature as Nana appears to be. Hell, my last girlfriend was way more immature and both of us are no longer teens. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen somebody as insightful as Nanami appears to be. We can also see a progression from the reactions of an early teen to more intimate and complex dialogs as they reach 17, and sometimes one has to stop a moment and think what it’s going on. Again, the insights, the feelings, the doubts and step forward to step back, it’s a great drama.

The ending is… unexpected. Just will say that I can’t wait to get the manga to see how things unfold. The manga picks up when the anime ends but I have no idea how things may go. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it in any language other than Japanese.

I just wish I had something as motivating as anime in French. Makes me want to learn the language.




BTW, Bokura ga ita means “we were there”.