I’m close to finish Ichigo 100%. It’s a really funny story with some romantic moments.

But again I can’t figure out the main character. He starts liking one girl, confessing to another -thinking she was the one he saw- and then getting other girls attached to him on the way, but even after breaking up with the first girl and liking several others he did not act on it. Doubts, the idea that physical intimacy can/should only happen in a couple and at the same time he is thinking about things he cannot act on them or respond and carry on with the daydreaming fantasies he has, even with fully willing parts to act them with him.

It’s interesting to see the internal conflicts and dialogs of a 15 (?) year old but at the same time I cannot quite get him, I mean, I guess somebody like him may exist or in fact people so traditional although his general behaviour and traits seem not to correspond to that. I guess it’s the mangaka license constructing an irreal character. I cannot deny it’s a bit disappointing seeing how much of life he’s missing at not taking the opportunities offered to him. An I don’t mean only to engage in sex with everything with a skirt or some legs but, if this is harem anime what about at least confessing or expressing his feelings for each of the girls? Being open with that, since an open or a poly relation would be out of the question.

It seems to me that more than out of touch with reality this may be a resource to keep attention and expectations on the main character: is he going to confess this time? will they do it now that they’re alone and spending the night together?

But it’s kinda frustrating to see such an indecisive guy that doesn’t even arrive to kiss his girlfriend!

I dont honestly know if to recommend it or not.. it’s entertaining and interesting to read but a bit frustrating. It made me laugh out loud a few times though. A more complex world of relationships would be part of a shoujo story I guess.

You have to read it to decide.

c Ichigo 100%