What’s on my head

Among the things I’m watching is Rome -the BBC miniseries-. Caligula comes next, a film that was shown in Lima but I couldn’t see for being underage and I, Claudius also shown in TV not sure if uncensored or in full version.

Not many TV series have caught my attention this season. I’m following the 2nd season of True Blood and got totally hooked by The Vampire Chronicles pilot; it shows promise. Defying gravity being one or the only Sci-Fi show of the season is a bit of a no-choice, but it is actually a good show a bit of drama, a bit of suspense in a futuristic out-in-space context.

So there it is decadency, debauchery, paganism, vampires and science fiction.

Heh, some interests to quote in my resume.

Got a letter from my brother and my mother. Told them a bit of all that is going on with me, but even though they are close in my affections there is such a distance in common interests, perspectives, life choices… and I don’t point at this from my being here, it was already clear back there, but somehow it still puzzles me how can we be so far and still be close with family in spite of all things past between us.

My conversation was also along these lines with a new girl I met yesterday. We were having a beer to get acquainted and talk about choices. She is bisexual and I anticipated an interesting conversation at least, which we had, but she had recently found out, had already come to terms with that and is defining the lifestyle she wants. Her looks and gentle ways made me remember of my first girlfriend ever, perhaps because in spite of her having different hair color the face and factions were very much alike. We didn’t hit it off but I certainly hope we can hang out a bit as she is very fond of adventure sports and the outdoors.

After partying ways I had a bit of a craving for a Chinese dessert, like one of those rounded pastries with a red seal on top and pineapple filling that they prepare in Capon street. I went to Chinatown and lo and behold, a bakery was open, and it had plenty of Chinese sweets and desserts. They even gave me a dessert on top of the one I was buying as a gift.

I came back tasting little coconut bits and something like a créme brulée or leche asada in a crust.



P.S. I’ve been playing with a template to create customized folders. Quite fun. Some of the folders I’ve done appear above. They look great in coverflow. I guess I will do a few more before linking them here to download.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


I just finished the premiere episode. Wow.

Eight more to see in this first season. This is the new Sarah Connor:

Sarah Connor

The story picks up between the second and third Terminator movies, we can see a teenage John Connor still hopping from place to place with his mother. An attractive but slender mother with a more current look than the one we see in the movies -well, considering the time they’ve been done- and a more gentle attitude perhaps without being less resolute by that. The first images of the road passing by are a dead giveaway for those of us who remember Sarah Connor pregnant driving away in a jeep along a highway that goes deep into the desert.


I won’t spoil this first episode by describing it here, instead I’ll just say that it was intense, full of action and surprises and I even kinda shout of happiness and relief when realizing that… help was already there on a particular scene. You’ll get it after you see it.

If you enjoyed the Terminator movies you’ll certainly gotta see this series.

I had heard of the airing before comming to Perú and I’m just catching up now with this and some anime from the quietness of this nice andean town with clean air, leisure time, simple life and a stable internet connection to get into the world but to also be detached enough from it as well.

At least for a few more days.

A site tracks this series. They say a second season has been confirmed by Fox on March 20.

Update – link to the Fox site with posters. Personally I like this one